The “multi” water heaters that gives a great solution. It has the ability to be placed in any order (Floor or Vertical or Horizontal Wall).

Technical data:

1. The water storage tank is made ​​of steel DX-51/Z 140 2.5 mm thickness with titanium inner resin coating. The heaters are checked one by one after manufacturing by the quality control unit and are identified by the product code (serial number) according to ISO 9001:2008.

2. The external tank of the water heater is made ​​of prepainted high temperature steel RAL 9002 which fits perfectly with the side of ABS technology caps.

3. The seam of the water heater is without rivets or screws combining aesthetic and waterproofness.

4. The thermometer is specially designed for Prismatherm heaters.

5. Special bracket applied with closed-mounting hole for secure positioning either horizontally or vertically.

6. The thermal insulation of the water heater is from strong ecological polyurethane of 20 mm thickness and 40 kgr/m3  density.

7. Oval type electrical element, nickel plated for easy cleaning. Electric power of 1500W / 4000W, with safety thermostat. These are all in accordance with the regulations of the country certifying all the electrical components with CE marking.

8. Magnesium rod inside the boiler ensures anticorrosion protection of the device from electrolysis.

9. Safety valve 8-10 bar to protect the boiler from high pressure.

10. All Prismatherm water heaters are packed with PVC heat-shrinking and expanded polystyrene caps for easy transportation and storage.