Low type

Boiler’s technical data:

1. The water storage tank is made of stainless steel 316L (INOX) 2mm thickness according to DIN 4753-3. The tanks are checked one by one after manufacturing by the quality control unit and are identified by the product code (serial number) according to ISO 9001:2008 & ISO 9806:2013.

2. The exterior of the boiler casing is made of laminated high temperature steel RAL 9006 which fits perfectly with the ABS technology side caps.

3. The boiler is welded without rivets or screws combining aesthetic and waterproofness.

4. The heat exchanger is made of stainless steel 316L (INOX) 1.5mm thickness certified to ensure high water temperature in a very short time.

5. The thermal insulation of the boiler is made of strong ecological polyurethane of 60mm thickness and 40 kgr/m³ density ensuring the perfect function of the boiler even at the lowest temperatures.

6. The electrical element is round type for easy cleaning of the boiler with 4000W electric power also has a safety thermostat according to the regulations of the country certifying that all the electrical components are with CE marking.

7. The magnesium rod inside the boiler ensures upward protection from electrolysis.

8. The inlet connection is made of stainless steel spiral in order to resist to high temperatures and to avoid external conditions like oxidation making it easy to connect the system.

9. The boiler fittings are made of brass which are protecting from erosion.

10. Safety valve 8-10 bar, to protect the boiler from high pressures.

11. Closed safety valve of 2.5 bar, for the safety operation of the closed circuit.

12. Special closed- bracket for secure mounting and placement in horizontal arrangement.

The whole series of Prismatherm boilers are certified with the European quality label Solar keymark.

Collector’s technical data:

1. The casing aluminum profile is painted (RAL 7015) without metal or plastic fittings at the corners, ensuring absolute waterproofing combining the robust construction with high aesthetics.

2. Embossed aluminum extrusion with the logo of Prismatherm declaring the authentication of the products.

3. The back side of the collector is integral without rivets or mounting screws.

4. The glass is tempered with high absorption 91% 3,2mm thickness durable in any adverse weather conditions, resistant to impacts, hits, hail fall e.t.c.

5. The selective absorber Prismatherm is manufactured by Laser technology process providing high absorbency 95% and low radiation 5%. The selective metal sheet covers all the complete window area as well as the headers for increased absorbency ensuring maximum performance.

6. The collector is insulated with eco-friendly rock wool 40mm (50 kg/m³) coated with black glass fabric with thermal conductivity λ= 0,038 (DIN 56612, measured at 0°C) in the back and side of the collector.

7. The glass is retained and sealed internally with silicone.

8. Special thermal liquid propyleneglycol inside the collector ensuring the protection of the collector from ice achieving the maximum efficiency.

9. The collector is placed on the support frame with special internal threads M10 which are embedded in the top and bottom of the collector for quick and secure attachment avoiding any movement of the collector.

10. Manifold vent valve is necessary for the proper operation of the collector to avoid the phenomenon of liquefying.

11. The collector is packed with PVC thermal shrink with protecting angles for easy transport and storage.

12. All Prismatherm products have their serial number according to the standards of ISO 9001:2008.

Prismatherm collectors are certified with the European Solar Keymark.