Is it necessary to do service in the solar water heater? If yes, when and what includes the service of the solar water heater?2017-06-15T14:06:30+00:00

The service of the solar water heater is essential for the maintenance of the warrantee and it ensures the long lifetime of the system and it’s best performance. The service must be done every 2 years from an executive technician and includes the replacement of the magnesium anode, boiler cleaning, the supplementation of antifreeze liquid and the checking of the plumbing- electric parts of the solar water heater.

Why the solar water heater is not heated by the sun?2017-06-15T14:06:39+00:00

a. Lack of service.
b. Loss or low level of antifreeze liquid in the closed circuit of the solar water heater system.
c. Partial or total shading of the absorbent collector area.
d. Little sun duration.
e. Leakage in the plumbing or fittings of the closed circuit system.
f. Malfunction antifreeze-air entrapment in the closed circuit.
i. Damage to the safety valve.
g. Wrong orientation, installation or wiring.

Why the solar water heater is not heated by electricity?2017-06-15T14:06:50+00:00

a. Wrong connection.
b. Failure of the line from the control cabinet to the element.
c. Thermostat failure.
d. Short electrical resistance.
e. Fall thermal safety thermostat due to overheating.

How much time it takes to heat water by electricity or by the sun?2017-06-15T14:07:05+00:00

The current time that is needed with electricity is one hour and by the sun it takes two to three hours with pure sunshine in an average temperature of about 20 degrees C °.

What should I do in case of long time absence or non-use of solar water heater at summer?2017-06-15T14:07:30+00:00

In this case you must cover the collector surface (eg cardboard) so as to avoid the unnecessary operation of the device and damages caused by overheating of the system.

Can the solar water heater break from the ice?2017-06-15T14:07:38+00:00

Provided that planned-services are done there is no such risk.

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