VF-120, VF-160, POWER 150, POWER 200


VF-200 plus, VF-300, VF-300 plus


Installation of a solar water heater

Step 1:
Assemble the support frame as the drawing with loose screwing (by hand).

Step 2:
It concerns the models: VF-120, VF-160, POWER 150, POWER 200
Place the collector. Application of fasteners and mounting at the upper and lower collector holder.

It concerns the models: VF-200 plus, VF-300, VF-300 plus
Place the collectors. Application of Ø22 connectors at the upper and lower corner of the collectors.

Step 3:
Place the boiler on the support frame and secure with M10 screws and washers (4 pcs.).

Step 4:
Connect the boiler to the collector or collectors.

Step 5:
Align the solar system and tighten all the screws. Align as well the feet of the support with the floor with rafters and dowels.

Step 6:
Hydraulic connection of the solar system, filling of the cold supply and venting from the hot supply.

Step 7:
Electrical connection of the device with NYM 3 × 4 cable. Mark: A phase (on the thermostat). Mark: B neutral (on the thermostat). Mark: earth ↓ (on the electric element).

Step 8:
Fill the closed circuit with water and antifreeze fluid.

ATTENTION:  The thermal liquid must be diluted and vent the closed circuit properly.

Step 9:
Sufficient control on the connections of the device for leaks. In the case of even a small leak, the solar system will not have the required performance.

Service of the solar system

Solar service is a prerequisite for the warranty to apply and also ensures long life span and better performance. Service must be done every two years by a qualified technician and includes:

  • Replacement of the magnesium rod

  • Cleaning of the boiler
  • Thermal liquid filling
  • Hydraulic control for any leaks
  • Electrical control and test operation with the main

  • Check all system (support frame-cables-pipes)