In the last 20 years of our operation, we have specialized in the production of high quality and aesthetics solar thermal products.

Since the beginning of our operation, we have invested in privately owned facilities and modern equipment so that we can have the best technological result.

The continuous technological research carried out by our company, as well as the experience of many years, contribute to the continuous improvement and development of the existing and new products. Our effort for better performance and greater durability through the years is the key requirement of the era in which we are trying to excel.

At the same time, for the future market needs, the forecasts have led our company to continually seek out new prospects, new systems and therefore new partnerships so that can always provide the latest technology development and security for its customers; while second generation, which is part of the business, promises to continue and broaden the company’s activities.

Our vision and aim is to continue our efforts so that our products constantly improving, be competitive in the market and to establish our company as a leading company in the field of solar energy. Long-term relationships with our partners and satisfying the needs of the final consumer are our priorities.

Applying our quality assurance procedures and our contemporary specifications to the production process, is our commitment to our customers for our consistency and our support to any obligation to them.

The direct – personal relationship with the client, is an additional comparative advantage.