Prismatherm has been manufacturing solar thermal systems for 2 decades, available in the Greek and international market for domestic and professional use. Based on our 20 years of experience and know-how, we manufacture high standards and quality products to ensure a long life.

Our company provides:

5 years warranty for all products and 1 year for all electrical parts.

Terms & Conditions:

  • For a valid warranty the form must be filled, stamped and signed by the wholesaler and be accompanied with the receipt with the date of issue.
  • The appliance installation must be proceeded by a professional technician.
  • Our company does not cover damages generated by the bad connection, lack of water or glycol or lack of necessary services (every 2 years) and which must be held by a professional technician.
  • With this warranty we are obliged to repair or replace, following a technical inspection, any part of the product which may have been damaged due to manufacturing faults.
  • The warranty does not cover breakage of glass.


The required tasks are:

  • Replacement of magnesium anode
  • Boiler cleaning
  • Glycol filling
  • Hydraulic check for leakages
  • Electrical control and operating test to the mains network
  • Control of the entire system(Support frame, Cable, Tubes)

Precaution Measures:

  • During the summer months when there is no usage of the appliance, you should cover the solar collectors.
  • In regions that the water pressure is not stable, an expansion tank is recommende
  • If during the 1st service signs of electrolysis are observed into the boiler then an anodizing external device must be installed.
  • The installation of water filters is necessary in regions that the water is not potable.

Attention: the security valve is destined to work in case of increase of pressure beyond any acceptable limit: you should also take all the necessary measures so that leaks can be poured into the drainage system since the company does not accept any responsibility for damage caused by possible leaks.

For the open loop collectors, cleaning is required, upon every maintenance of the system.

**the warranty is valid from the date of the invoice issuance